• 2023 Q3:

    • ✅ Achieved Top 10 Team in Hack’A’Ton by DWF, AWS, and TON.

    • ✅ Successfully launched the first public Testnet.

  • 2023 Q4:

    • ✅ Completed NFT drop to bootstrap initial liquidity.

    • ✅ Launched the second public Testnet.

Future Goals:

  • 2024 Q1:

    • Completion of the protocol audit.

    • Release of the Basic (Beta) CDP stablecoin with initial minting capabilities using one LST as collateral (V1).

    • Integration with Storm Trade and establishment of AquaUSD-TON and AquaUSD-jUsdt pairs on Dexes.

  • 2024 Q2:

    • Expansion of collateral types to include all LSTs on TON (V2).

    • Conducting a second protocol audit.

    • Implementation of Multi-sig Safe.

    • Inauguration of AquaDAO.

  • 2024 Q3:

    • Launch of the AMM liquidation mechanism.

    • Introduction of the public liquidator bot.

    • Release of the public arbitrage bot.

  • 2024 Q4:

    • Development and submission of the rebase token standard to the TonTech team.

    • Release of the Interest-bearing stablecoin (V3).

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