TON Ecosystem benefits with Aqua

Aqua Protocol uniquely enhances the TON ecosystem by providing utility for Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs), rather than directly competing with liquid staking protocols like Tonstakers, Bemo, Hipo, TonWhales. Its focus is on improving Total Value Locked (TVL) and stablecoin liquidity.

Enhancing TVL and Stablecoin Liquidity:

  • Utility for LSTs: Aqua Protocol leverages LSTs as collateral in stablecoin lending, thereby increasing the ecosystem’s TVL and enhancing the utility of these tokens.

  • Increasing Stablecoin Liquidity: With current stablecoin liquidity at about $3 million, Aqua Protocol aims to substantially boost this, improving transaction efficiency within the TON ecosystem.

Improving Trading Efficiency:

  • Reducing Slippage in DEXes: The enhanced liquidity from Aqua Protocol will reduce slippage on DEXes, allowing for smoother and more favorable trading conditions.

Catalyzing DeFi Growth:

  • Stimulating DeFi Engagement: By improving liquidity and reducing transaction barriers, Aqua Protocol is set to stimulate wider use of DeFi services on TON, attracting both new and existing users to the platform.

In summary, Aqua Protocol plays a vital role in the TON ecosystem, not as a competitor to liquid staking protocols, but as a facilitator that enhances the value and utility of LSTs, thereby contributing to the ecosystem's growth and efficiency.

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