Aqua DAO

Aqua Genesis NFTs

Aqua DAO is an essential component of the Aqua Protocol's governance structure, enabling decentralized decision-making. Key to this process are the Aqua Genesis NFTs.

Aqua Genesis NFTs:

  • Significance: These NFTs represent early support and active participation in the Aqua Protocol community.

  • Voting Power: The number of Aqua Genesis NFTs a holder possesses directly correlates with their voting power in the protocol’s governance. More NFTs equate to greater influence in decision-making processes.

Governance and Voting:

  • Platform for Engagement: Aqua Genesis NFT holders can exercise their voting rights on a dedicated platform, enhancing their involvement in Aqua Protocol's governance.

  • Voting Access: The platform can be found here, facilitating a transparent and accessible voting process for NFT holders.

Aqua DAO represents a community-centric approach to governance, where Aqua Genesis NFT holders play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Aqua Protocol through their active participation in governance decisions.

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