Aqua Protocol facilitates user-friendly collateral withdrawals, ensuring that users can maintain a safe Collateral Ratio (CR) or opt for full withdrawals upon complete debt repayment.

Withdrawal Process:

1. Repaying AquaUSD Debt:

  • Partial Withdrawal: To partially withdraw collateral, repay an amount of your AquaUSD debt that aligns with the collateral you wish to withdraw.

  • Full Withdrawal: For a full withdrawal, repay the entire AquaUSD debt.

2. Checking Maximum Withdrawal Amount:

  • Maintaining CR Above 200%: Aqua Protocol displays the maximum amount you can withdraw while keeping the CR above 200%, available in your account information.

  • Full Withdrawal Option: In cases of full debt repayment, users can opt for a full withdrawal of their collateral.

3. Initiating and Processing Withdrawal:

  • After deciding on the withdrawal amount and completing the necessary debt repayment, you can initiate the withdrawal process. Aqua Protocol then releases the specified amount of collateral.

Key Considerations:

  • Ensuring CR Stability: Particularly for partial withdrawals, it’s crucial to ensure that the remaining CR remains above the 200% threshold to mitigate risks.

  • Understanding Fees and Conditions: Be cognizant of any applicable fees or conditions related to debt repayment and the withdrawal process.

In conclusion, Aqua Protocol offers a streamlined and secure process for withdrawing collateral, with options for both partial and full withdrawals. The platform provides essential information to help users maintain a healthy CR or retrieve all their collateral following full debt repayment.

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